World Youth Day

Next Pilgrimage: Krakòw, Poland, 2016


World Youth Day, or 'WYD', was initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1986. It is celebrated on a diocesan level annually, and at a week-long international level every two to three years at different locations. WYD is a celebration of the Catholic faith and attracts hundreds of thousands of youths from almost every country. The week-long event culminates with a Mass with the Holy Father. It is a major part of the upsurge in Catholic Youth Work in some countries over recent years; for example, the Director of Catholic Youth Services for England and Wales has said of the event that it would have far-reaching effects, not restricted to those who attend. Young people ages 16- college-aged are invited to join us on our pilgrimage. The next WYD will be held in Krakòw, Poland in 2016.

The WYD Krakòw website has been launched! View it in English here

To find out more about World Youth Day in general, visit the official website for all WYDs here

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