St. Paul Catholic Men's Fellowship Group

The purpose of the St. Paul Catholic Men's Fellowship Group is adult faith formation. Participants desire to learn more about our Faith and connect it to their living experience. Books are selected and readings assigned. There is open discussion in a friendly prayerful way. Specific scriptural selections, lives of the saints, investigation and discussion of Church issues are encouraged. Papal encyclicals and Church history are also included. Books covered have included Brown's DaVinci Code; Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth; authors such as C.S. Lewis; Henri Nouwen, Cardinal Newman and Father Richard Neuhaus. Last year we concentrated on Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel).

The group meets once or twice a month beginning in the Fall. The Wednesday evening gatherings begin at 7:30 PM and last one hour. Whether introvert or extrovert, people assimilate easily and participate at their own pace and comfort level. One can attend a meeting and simply observe and listen in. As in any new group, people become more comfortable as they get to know each other. The group is for anyone interested in continuing their Faith journey. We are from all walks of life with many experiences. It is an opportunity to discuss modern culture in light of Catholic tradition. What do you get out of it? Come and find out. All men of the Collaborative are cordially invited to attend.

Joe Cavanaugh (781-237-0759) and Tory DeFazio (781-235-0265)


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